Flying Model Simulator Model Data

On this page, the model data which I created to free RC flight simulators is announced.

Although it thinks that there is also much known direction, software called this FMS is distributed on the Internet for nothing.
It is freeware.
It is the favor by which it is manufactured and distributed by the volunteer and development and manufacture of body data are concerned with people in every direction.
In spite of being by the software which was very excellent, he can be enjoyed for free.
I surely recommend downloading.

FMS Beta7

About this software, it is introduced in detail by the following homepages.
By all means, please visit.
"RC airplane experiment studio"
It is the homepage of Mr.Sekiai of Kanagawa JAPAN.
Free RC flight simulator It is related with FMS (Flying-Model-Simulator).
It is proud of the amount of information in which a homepage of what is not lost, either.

Download of model data
Model data can be downloaded if the picture of the model is clicked.

fictitious fighter (2002/03/19)

(2002/03/22) Canopy of a cockpit was made transparent. The leg cover was attached.

It is a fictitious fighter.

fictitious one person riding glider (2002/03/24)

2002/03/27) Change was added to the nozzle portion

The 2nd cartridge of series.
Just for a moment, it has got used to manufacture.

gyro plane NO.1 (2002/03/28)

(2002/03/31) Engine sound was changed into the sound of 2 cylinders. The flight characteristic was changed.

The gyro plane was made.
Pains was taken over adjustment so that it might fly appropriate for an autogiro.

F3C Game machine No. 1 (2002/04/11)

The helicopter for an F3C game was made.
Since the per file for helicopters was not found well, it is Mr.sekiai of RC experiment studio.
I had you let it use the data of Shuttle Zxx.

small Hand throw glider No. 1 (2002/04/16)

(2002/04/21) The textures of a film were changed.

It is small and lightweight hand launch glider.
A strong resemblance to my favorite body is born.
The glide performance of this data is slightly with a favorable eye.

small Hand throw glider No. 1 Reconstruction machine (2002/04/21)

It is the body which made the body thin and mitigated resistance.
To reference, the main wings are also remaking Makoto's advice.
The glide performance is slightly (rather) with a favorable eye [ this data ].

F3A Game machine No. 1 (2002/04/23)

(2002/04/25) The flight characteristic is corrected. ERURON was strengthened and speed was gathered.

The modeling of the body for an F3A game was carried out to reference.
Probably, it will be good for pattern practice.

VTOL Test prototype (2002/04/28)

To reference, it is on a hobby level about the body tested in the Self-Defense Forces.
It is on FMS about the body under whether perpendicular taking off and landing is unrealizable and design.
It made.

Old-timer No. 1 (2002/05/09)

The body of the old-timer style was created.
although it is the style [ engine ] of ignition -- common
A throttle operates.
Since it is set as the quiet flight characteristic
It may be good for beginners' practice.

Old-timer No. 1 blue virsion(2002/05/27)

It is the different colors version of the upper model.

canard motor glider (2002/06/08)

It is a canard type motor glider.
Although the figure do not get it used to seeing is carried out, even if it actually makes
It seems to be interesting .


Mini-Prairie of a its original work machine was made also from FMS.
It is an actual body although it is slightly more powerful than the actual body.
It is the first time in [ of a similar atmosphere ] a flight.


The upper mini-Prairie, and E-Prairie of a sister machine were also made.
The body of Mr. hide living in Ibaragi is reproduced.
As for the originator design, SW-Sports of Mr.Sinchan.

ITO-3 (2002/06/13)

Subaru 09 converted in Fokker's style was founded.
The body of Mr.Itou of Kanagawa living is reproduced.

ITO-3 Floatplane version(2002/06/16)

It is the floatplane version of the upper body.
It is a classic three-point float formula.


It is a model just like the sports ducted fan plane of OK-model.
The atmosphere of a jet aircraft can be enjoyed.

EP PLANE of Mr.FURUI(2002/11/08)

The 540 class electric stunt plane was modeled.

small Hand throw glider of Mr.SHIROKUMA (2002/11/25)

The body of Mr. Sirokuma living in Hiroshima Prefecture was made into the model, and was manufactured.
Flight data is the same as that of above small hand launch glider custom.


The body of Mr. Sirokuma living in Hiroshima Prefecture was made into the model, and was manufactured.

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